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Do you want to see where SIF funding has been going since we formed in mid 2018?

Click on any image below and read about the projects which we have wholly funded or part-funded.

There's lots more like this needing your support for us to win Independence.  You can make a donation to SIF HERE

... and there's lots more like this needing your support for us to win Independence.  You can donate to us HERE

Saor Alba Pipes & Drums
After the phenomenal success of the AUOB marches in 2018, there was a desire by a committed group of pipers to create a dedicated pipe and drum band which would proudly brand itself as pro-Independence. They would bring their sounds and Scottish culture to future marches and other activities, all aimed at boosting Independence.

The Scottish Independence Foundation was very pleased to be able to provide many thousands of pounds to purchase uniforms and equipment.
Scotland The Brief
We donated thousands of pounds towards providing Yes group “starter packs” for the “Scotland the Brief” campaign. Launched in late 2019 and run by Business for Scotland, this aims to convert hundreds of thousands to our Indy cause.

SIF previously helped with the costs of BfS's Independence Ambassadors training programme, also aimed at helping us secure a clear majority of support for Scottish Independence.
AUOB Marches and Rallies
Marches and rallies are great methods of motivating our activists and for showing to the rest of Scotland and the World that we are determined to be Independent.

The AUOB March & Rally in Edinburgh in October 2019 was a massive success, but it needed substantial funding , so SIF stepped in to help.

The National newspaper's Rally in Glasgow's George Square was planned for just after a 31 October 'Brexit Day', and SIF agreed to fund 40% of costs in what instead became a General Election Rally!
Nation - The Faroes
The 'Nation' series of videos were made by Journalist & Broadcaster Lesley Riddoch and Phantom Power Productions. They have been widely viewed and highly influential ... but they had to start somewhere, and that's where SIF stepped in.

As Lesley says: "Without SIF funding, the film I made with Al from @PhantomPower simply wouldn't have happened”
Garioch Women for Change
Garioch Women for Change had been researching and documenting stealth privatisation of NHS England and the possible impacts on the Scottish Health Service post Brexit. They wanted to "go on tour” in Aberdeenshire and present this information to the public, as it identified a very real threat to the Scottish Health Service. As you can see from this graphic, they are doing so very effectively!
Colin Dunn ('IndyPosterboy') has been designing and distributing generic campaign materials since the last Independence Referendum.

His development equipment was getting a bit obsolete, so SIF funded the replacement of his computer and design software to continue creating his high quality, downloadable campaign materials. You can follow his work on Twitter at @Zarkwan
SIF provided matched-funding for AyeMail for their “Indy Kits”.

These were 200 boxes of flags, badges, stickers and leaflets, and other campaign material - over 2 million items, and all of them FREE for Yes groups around the country (with only a delivery charge).
Local Groups throughout Scotland
Most of the projects which SIF has helped fund have been the establishment of local pro-Indy groups throughout Scotland, and we have listed some of these below.

Caithness, Skye & Lochalsh, Peterhead, InverYess, Troon, Strathaven, Moffat, Southside, Penicuik, Musselburgh, Haddington, Kirkcaldy, East Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway, Kirkintilloch, Dunbar, Blairgowrie & Rattray, Strathspey Glenlivet, Banffshire Coast, Fife, Ross Sutherland, Edinburgh, Clackmannanshire, Tayport, Cardenden, and Kelty.
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