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The SIF Board

Willie Wilson


Dr Willie Wilson is a pharmacy owner, retired academic and convener of NHSforYES.

Ian Grant


Dr Ian Grant is a former Consultant Intensive Care Clinician and Anaesthetist.

Kenny Braes

Board Member

Kenny is a Local Councillor on Angus Council and a retired farmer

Andrew Wilson

Board Member

Andrew is a lawyer and commercial director in the IT industry.

Elaine C Smith


Elaine is a Scottish comedian and actress.   She is President of the Scottish Independence Convention.

George Kerevan


George is an economist and journalist, and was previously MP for East Lothian.

Greg McCarra

Chief Executive

Greg is a former academic, councillor and trade unionist

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What’s the difference between SIF and SIC?

We’ve been asked this question directly and online - and the answer is important; both organisations need a continual flow of cash to keep functioning.

We at the Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF) have been up and running for since June 2018 and have already distributed around £60,000 to the Indy cause, by seeding projects like:

  • Lesley Riddoch's 'Nation' videos

  • Business for Scotland's Ambassador training scheme

  • AyeMail's distribution of 200 Indy Kits to local YES groups

  • Michael Gray's Scotia project

  • National YES Registry's Gatherings 1 & 2.   

In many cases, our seed money has led to a crowdfunder which raised many times the amount given by SIF. Many local YES groups have been helped: from Peterhead to Pollok to Penicuik; others too many to list.

Although it was our firm belief that our first priority is to nurture the grass roots of the movement, we agree that we now need a coordinating body.  Thus SIF provided substantial seed money to underpin the current Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) fundraiser campaign “”.  SIF has already done some significant coordinating by pointing groups towards others trying to do similar things, allowing like-minded people to collaborate and avoiding wasteful duplication.


SIC will also do this and perform many other functions: 

  • research to elucidate the factors which turn voters from NO to YES

  • research into what voters want an independent Scotland to look like

  • dealing with the media

  • rebutting false or scurrilous reports

  • acting as a resource Hub.

We at SIF look forward to close collaboration with SIC in the campaign to win our independence.

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