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The Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF) believes that Scotland can only realise her immense potential as a nation through Independence. SIF believes passionately in the power of the people of Scotland to achieve that Independence and to build a prosperous, inclusive and just society for all.


The next independence campaign will be won on the doorsteps, in the pubs and clubs, in communities and workplaces, and through networks, real and virtual. SIF aims to provide financial support to this campaign, enabling the grassroots to engage as widely as possible and to encourage those who are not yet persuaded to join us.


Unaligned to any political party nor part of any other pro-independence grouping, SIF aims to be a trusted custodian of funds, generated by individual contributions, large and small, channelling them, without prejudice, into projects which will benefit the movement.


Our opponents, supported by a compliant media, can use massive funds from the vested interests of the UK establishment.  But Scotland’s greatest asset, our people, is more than their match and SIF dedicates itself to investing in their ingenuity, resourcefulness and talents to take our country to Independence.

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