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How to Apply for Funding

GUIDELINES for Funding Applications


Applications will be considered if the proposed work/project will clearly contribute towards the cause of independence for Scotland, in anticipation of the next Independence Referendum.

Applications should be made by a recognised Indy-supporting group or groups.   Examples of these may be members (or local branches) of bodies affiliated to the Scottish Independence Convention.

Applications may be for the support of such projects as:

1.      education or training of activists

2.      design/production of materials, literature, etc, to be used in the campaign

3.      an event or series of events that will positively raise the profile of the campaign

4.      development of infrastructure and/or processes to support a future campaign.


SIF will not commission work.  Instead, we will assess applications against our funding criteria, but it is the job of the applicant to describe the proposal.   Where appropriate, SIF may ask for further details before completing its assessment of the application.


Support should normally be requested for an amount of £500 or more (* see below).

Where possible, a local group may seek to collaborate with other groups in order to make a more coherent application with a bigger campaigning impact on their communities.

In certain cases, SIF will seek references from others (with local knowledge or with suitable expertise).  Applicants should also include the name and contact details of an appropriate referee who can provide an independent assessment of the project’s suitability.





Email your completed Application Form to:

or post it to:  3rd Floor, Suite 1a

                         Sycamore House

                         290 Bath Street

                         Glasgow. G2 4JR

We may shortly be introducing a "Small Grant Scheme" for under £500.   To register an interest in this, email with a brief outline of who you are, what you wish funding for, and how much you are seeking.

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